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Good Morning!

Hi, I'm Dave Yearke, and welcome to my home page here at! Feel free to peruse the topics below for items that interest me and may also interest you. A lot of this stuff is ridiculously out of date; I'll get to work on that soon ... And for computer-related stuff, try my UB home page.

About Me

I'm a native of the Buffalo area, and have lived here all my life, mostly within the confines of what I'll call "Greater Williamsville", which is the area around the incorporated Village of Williamsville, and part of the Town of Amherst. I've been married to Laura for over 30 years, and we have two great kids, Tom and Jill. Tom has a degree in Computer Engineering from RIT, and is working for SENS at the University at Buffalo. Jill graduated from UB with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and is doing transportation logistics. We love Western New York, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Most of our vacations tend to be in New York State or elsewhere in the Great Lakes region, because of our love of this area.

I've had an interesting career so far, and have been fortunate to work with a variety of people and do many different things. I am currently working as Director of Cybersecurity for the UB Engineering School, after spending 14 years as an IT Director. Of course, I would not have such a great career without a great education as a foundation: My schooling took place in the Williamsville Central School District and at Buffalo State College.

I have a few hobbies and interests, for which I wish I had more time:

  • I really need to get back to astronomy. We purchased a telescope a few years ago, and I need to get it out and start using it again.
  • I guess an interest in meteorology goes along with an interest in astronomy, because you need clear skies in order to observe.
  • I've been working on genealogy for a few years now, researching primarily the Yearke (Gierke), Harlach, Manquen, Gruber, Doster, Drenken (Drenkhan), Frei, and Schmiedl families, as well as my wife's families (Baumgart, Gloss, Mayer, and Uhl). It's an interesting hobby, as I've found out lots of things about my family that have been forgotten by those still alive, and I am hoping to write personal histories of various people so that they are not forgotten the way that some of my ancestors already are.
  • I enjoy swimming in our pool, when the weather's nice.
  • As I said before, we love Buffalo-area tourism and history. We've found lots of great places for day trips, overnighters, and week-long vacations.
  • We love finding places to Vacation in the the Great Lakes region. We love New York, but we've also had terrific vacations in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
  • We enjoy the many events and attractions in the area; one example is the Taste of Buffalo, for which we've written a few reviews.
  • And, before I go to sleep, I either read a good book (usually science fiction or historical fiction) or do a crossword puzzle (I'm not an ace at them, but am pretty good at the ones published in the Sunday paper).


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Please note that this is my personal home page, and might not, in some cases, reflect the policies, opinions, or tastes of this service provider, other folks who may publish content in this domain, or my employer, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University at Buffalo. in other words, it is a reflection of my mental state and no one else's.

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